Water combination underground air valve, pn16
  • Water combination underground air valve, pn16

Water combination underground air valve, pn16

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The SATURNO underground air valve has been designed to provide the proper solution for those locations
requiring cost saving, frost protection, installation under roads, pavements, buildings. The air valve will
ensure the operation of the pipeline networks allowing the release of air pockets during working conditions,
the evacuation and the entrance of large volumes of air during filling and draining operations.
Technical features and benefits
SATURNO is designed to provide an alternative solution to conventional air valves installations avoiding
chambers, structures, pits and sectioning devices between the air valve and the pipeline.
Built in check valve for integral shut-off system when removing the air valve for maintenance purposes.
Stand pipe in stainless steel for the maximum resistance against corrosion and to support the upper
maneuvering system.
Flanged basement to house the check valve and the drain port needed to avoid the accumulation of
water inside the standpipe.
Combination air valve FOX 3F aut

At high points and changes in slope of water distribution networks.
Pressurized system with treated water.
In areas exposed to frost, under the roads, buildings.

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