Downstream pressure reducer-stabilizer, pn25
  • Downstream pressure reducer-stabilizer, pn25

Downstream pressure reducer-stabilizer, pn25

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The direct acting pressure reducing valve Mod. VRCD reduces and stabilizes the downstream pressure to
a constant value, regardless of flow rate and upstream pressure variations. It can be used for water, air and
fluids in general with a maximum working pressure of 40 bar.
Technical features and benefits
Flanged version DN 50-150.
Upstream and downstream pressure balanced, to stabilize the downstream pressure to a pre-set (and adjustable) value regardless of upstream pressure variations without creating unwanted upsurges.
Ductile cast iron for body and cap, piston in stainless steel, seat in stainless steel, guiding bush in stainless steel as well as bolts and nuts.
Innovative self cleaning piston technology (patent pending) to improve performances reducing maintenance operations.
Mobile block composed of three components in gun metal/stainless steel obtained by CNC to ensure the maximum accuracy and sliding precision, this is to avoid friction and unexpected leakage.
Upstream/downstream pressure outlets for g

Water distribution systems.
Buildings and civil installations.
Cooling systems.
Fire protection systems and in general whenever the pressure reduction has to be ensured.

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Materiale principale
Ghisa sferoidale
Pressione nominale
Materiale disco
Ductile iron