Flow rate automatic control valve, pn16
  • Flow rate automatic control valve, pn16

Flow rate automatic control valve, pn16

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Diametro: 80

The model XLC 330/430 is a globe pat tern
hydraulically operated automatic control valve that
limits the flow to a pre-set value, regardless of
pressure variations. In case of flow rate lower
than the required set point the valve will be
fully opened. The valve is supplied with an
orifice plate assembly, needed for the proper
functioning and connected to the pilot.
Normally equipped with visual position
indicator and entirely made in ductile cast iron
with FBT (fluid bed technology) epoxy coating
and stainless steel, the valve is designed to reduce
head loss, throttling noise and cavitation damage.
Working conditions
Fluid: treated water.
Minimum operating pressure: 1,2 bar.
Maximum operating pressure: 16 bar. Higher on request.
Maximum temperature: 70°C.

Linear position transmitter with 4-20 mA output Mod. CSPL.
On-off position transmitter Mod. CSPO.
Pressure measurement kit.
Self-flushing and high capacity filter.
VIT16PRX330 DN80

Data sheet

Materiale principale
Ghisa sferoidale
Pressione nominale
Materiale disco
Ductile iron