Double chamber proportional pressure reducing valve, pn25
  • Double chamber proportional pressure reducing valve, pn25

Double chamber proportional pressure reducing valve, pn25

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Diametro: 80

The double chamber propor tional pressure
reducing valve is a globe pattern hydraulically
operated automatic control valve that, installed
in-line, will reduce and stabilize the upstream
pressure to a lower downstream value according to
a fixed ratio. Equipped with double chamber
technology the valve is extremely reactive,
increasing the safety and reliability of the line.
Produced in compliance with PN 16/25 bar
pressure standards and entirely made in ductile
cast iron FBT epoxy painted and stainless steel, the
valve is provided with anti-cavitation low flow
stability system.
Working conditions
Fluid: treated water.
Minimum operating pressure: 0,7 bar.
Maximum operating pressure: 25 bar.
Maximum temperature: 70°C.

To perform a double pressure reduction
stage in combination with other reducing
control valves.
The valve is used on the inlet supply line of
storage tanks to stabilize pressure upstream
of valves for level control either mechanical or
pilot operated.
On gravity fed supply lines and long downhill
slopes to dissipate high differences in
elevation, with multiple installations.
VIT25PRX300 DN80

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Materiale principale
Ghisa sferoidale
Pressione nominale
Materiale disco
Ductile iron