Terms and conditions of use

These Supply General Terms and Conditions, when not derogated by specific written agreement between the parties, apply to all orders received and accepted by ValveIT s.r.l., and account for an integral part of the same.

1.- Products features

The Purchaser, by formulating the purchase order, acknowledges to have carefully examined the technical, functional and aesthetic features of ordered products and to consider them suitable for the use it intends, directly or indirectly, assign to them.

It commits itself not to carry out any change on the product and to comply with its correct use conditions, stating to know them. 

2.- Orders and orders confirmations

The Purchaser's orders shall mention the order number, the exact mentioning of ordered assets with reference to possible products code, the quantity, the unit and total price, terms of payment and the destination site and possible delivery instructions.

The order shall be considered accepted by the Supplier when the Purchaser Order Confirmation is sent by the Supplier to the Purchaser.

In case the order is preceded by Supplier's offer, this latter shall be considered valid for maximum 45 days, unless otherwise stated. The sale contract shall be considered fulfilled in any case at time of order confirmation by the Supplier.

3.- Prices

Prices of the assets shall be identified in the order confirmation and, unless otherwise identified, they are considered to be denominated in Euros, net of VAT, and do not included packaging suitable  for shipment.

Shipment costs, when not otherwise identified, are always considered excluded and shall be born by the Purchaser.

Prices  do  not  include,  in  any  case,  customs  duties,  charges,  taxes  for  exportation  and  similar burdens and each additional item, service or cost not expressly mentioned.

4.- Payments

The payment of the products price shall be carried out by the Purchaser to the current account from time to time identified by the Supplier and according to terms and conditions identified in the order confirmation.

In case of payment delay with respect to terms identified in the invoice, the Purchaser, without need  of  formal  notice,  shall  charge  the  default  interests  at  the  current  rate  envisaged  by  L.D.  231/2002. 

Until  full  payment  of  arrears,  the  Supplier  can  suspend  meeting  ongoing  orders  without  any penalty and with waiver of the defaulting purchaser of damage compensation.

ValveIT s.r.l. retains title to the goods delivered as long as they have not been satisfied all claims arising from the business relationship.

5.- Transport and delivery

The goods always travel at Purchaser's risk, also in case of delivery free at destination.

When  not  otherwise  indentified,  the  delivery  is  considered  Ex  Works at  ValveIT s.r.l. Casalecchio di Reno 40033 (BO) via Caduti di Reggio Emilia n.27 ( Italy).

 Delivery terms, when not expressly identified as essential, are always considered as reference.

In case of missed pick up or impossible products delivery, in case the same remain on hand at the Supplier, the Purchaser, in addition to the supply value, shall have to pay, for the warehouse and administration costs,  and for each week after the first ten days,  an amount equal to 0.5% of theoverall value of goods still to be delivered, in addition to possible expenses charged by the carrier.

6.- Supplies complaints

Possible complaints on the quantity or integrity of packages or products shall be directly notified to  the  carrier  at  delivery  time  with  mentioning  "accepted  subject  to  checking"  on  the  bill  of delivery or document.

Possible defects in delivered products shall be however notified to the Supplier, in written form, including in any case registered letter with advice of receipt, within eight days from delivery.

ValveIT s.r.l. may decide, at its sole option, to replace the defective products or to repair defects found.
Replacement parts will be available for 2 years from the delivery of the product.

Possible  anomalies  in  the  delivered  assets  quantities  compared  to  the  order  shall  not  give  the right  to  resolve  the  contract  or  to  suspend  payments,  but  only  to  the  supply  integration  with missing assets. The goods return shall in any case be authorized by the Supplier.

The  Purchaser  commits  itself  no  to  use  possible  defective  products  and  to  warn  without  delay possible complaints by third parties it is aware of.

7.- Warranty

The Supplier's warranty on delivered products quality is provided within the limits stated in the technical data sheet of the product, which the Purchaser states to know.

The Supplier, within said limits, exclusively guarantees the compliance of delivered products with ordered ones and not the suitability of the same to meet the purchaser or third parties specific requirements,  unless  the  same  are  not  specifically  subject  to  an  accepted  order,  through  the complete description of the plant operating conditions.

Unless otherwise stated  in the  Supplier’s Offer or in the  Order Confirmation, all products shall be guaranteed for a period of 12 months from the date of deliver. It covers goods and the cost of working hours necessary for repairing of the faulty instrument by our workshop. Wearing parts and consumption goods are not covered by any warranties.All third-party item(s) are not covered by ValveIT srl warranty.

The  warranty  shall  not  be  applicable  in  case,  just  for  reference,  in  case  the  following  are


-  Project, dimensioning and plant running errors

-  Assembly errors

-  Error in product storage, preservation and maintenance methods.

-  Tampering or direct attempts to repair or change the product.

-  Delayed intervention to limit the consequences of possible product running anomalies.

-  Normal wear of the product consequent to its use.

The warranty will exclusively be applicable to products directly purchased  from  ValveIt s.r.l. or its authorized distributors.

8.- Contract liability

Excluding the assumptions of fraud or serious misconduct, in no case the Supplier will be liable for damages to people or things deriving from the supplied product use.

The liability shall not be extended in any case to  indirect damages, lost profits and however for circumstances other than those the warranty can be applied to.

9.- Confidentiality

The Purchaser commits to keep any and all information or technical data relating to purchased products, their operation or use, as well as any administration or commercial information relatingto  the  assets  sale  contract  (price,  terms  of  payment and  warranty etc.) confidential  and  not to disclose them to third parties, when this is not strictly necessary for the legal use of purchased assets,  and  for  all  the  relationship  terms  and  for  further  three  years  from  each  product  last delivery.

10.- Industrial and intellectual property

The purchase of products and their direct or indirect use shall not give rise to any transfer for the purchaser of any industrial or intellectual property right on sold  products, which shall remain the Supplier's right.

11.- Competent courts

The Terms and Conditions of Sales and the Agreement, for any dispute deriving from the supply relationship, are governed by Italian law, courts of Bologna - Italy that is exclusively competent.

12.- Provisions on personal data processing as per L.D. No. 196/2003

ValveIT s.r.l., with registered headoffice in Casalecchio di Reno 40033 (BO) alla Via Caduti di Reggio Emilia n. 27, will process data relating  to  the  Customer  in  electronic  and/or  manual  form,  according  to  legal  and  correctness principle in compliance with L.D. No. 196/2003.

Data can  be  used  by  ValveIT s.r.l.,  directly or through  third  parties,  as  its trusted service  performers (Banks,  Credit  Institutes,  Insurance  Companies,  administration  and/or  information  services management companies, credit recovery companies etc.) as holders of processing connected or responsible  for  such  processing,  exclusively  to  fulfill  legal  obligations,  including  accounting  and tax-related ones, as well as undertaken contract obligations.

Considering  the  existence  of  information  telematic  or  correspondence  connections  with  above mentioned subject, data can be transferred abroad. Pursuant to Art. 7 of L.D. No. 196/2003 the Customer has the right, among other, to know its processed personal data as well as to require integration,  change  or  cancellation  of  the  same  by  addressing  to  ValveIT s.r.l.  at  the  above mentioned address. Customers can find informations about how to set cookies through browsers at: Google Chrome, Mozilla FirefoxApple Safari e Microsoft Windows Explorer.