Fast acting anti-water hammer valve, pn40
  • Fast acting anti-water hammer valve, pn40

Fast acting anti-water hammer valve, pn40

€ 672.00
Diameter: 50
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The fast acting, surge prevention, pressure relief valve Mod. VRCA has been designed to avoid the
devastating effects of water hammers in pipeline networks. The purpose is actually to prevent pressure
from rising above a pre-set value, thanks to its capability of discharging the excessive volume of water
directly into the atmosphere.
Technical features and benefits
Solid and compact design suitable for treated and raw water and to reduce blow-back.
Negligible inertia of the internal mobile parts ensuring the absence of friction and long lasting
Perfect water tightness and excellent resistance to cavitation and harsh working conditions due to the
floating obturator technology and to the use of special gaskets and high resistant stainless steel grades.
Fast and accurate response without any hysteresis effect thanks to high frequency annealed springs.
Reduced overpressure thanks to a wide selection of spring and ranges in pressure.
Water vertical discharge deflector.



Main Material
Ductile iron
Nominal pressure