Pressure relief/sustaining valve, pn40
  • Pressure relief/sustaining valve, pn40

Pressure relief/sustaining valve, pn40

€ 686.00
Diameter: 50
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The direct acting upstream pressure relief/sustaining valve Mod. VSM automatically maintains and
sustains a minimum pre-set upstream pressure, discharging any excess downstream, regardless of
variations in demand and downstream pressure fluctuations.
Technical features and benefits
Flanged version DN 50-150.
Upstream pressure balanced, to stabilize and maintain the upstream pressure to a minimum pre-set
(and adjustable) value regardless of demand and downstream pressure variations.
Ductile cast iron for body and cap, piston in stainless steel, seat in stainless steel, guiding bush in
stainless steel as well as bolts and nuts.
Innovative self cleaning piston technology (patent pending) to improve performances reducing
maintenance operations.
Mobile block composed of three components in gun metal/stainless steel obtained by CNC to ensure the
maximum accuracy and sliding precision, this is to avoid friction and unexpected leakage.
Upstream/downstream pressure outlets for gauges.
Large expansion chamber to reduce noise and to provide an excellent resistance to cavitation.
Epoxy powder applied using FBT technology.

Water distribution systems as a pressure relief/discharge valve.
Fire fighting systems to discharge overpressure caused by pumps.
Irrigation systems as an effective protection against water hammer and to prevent pumps from overload.
Industrial plants, civil buildings and more.



Main Material
Ductile iron
Nominal pressure