Upstream pressur sustaining level control valve, pn16
  • Upstream pressur sustaining level control valve, pn16

Upstream pressur sustaining level control valve, pn16

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Diameter: 80
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The Model XLC 324/424 is a globe pat tern
hydraulically operated automatic control valve that
sustains the upstream pressure to a pre-set value
regardless of variations in demand and, at the
same time, it controls and regulates the minimum
and maximum level inside a tank. Should the
upstream pressure drop below the set point, during
opening, the valve will throttle ensuring the water
supply to higher zone consumers. The XLC
324/424 is extremely important to stabilize HGL,
contain unwanted surges and to limit the excessive
flow to the tank.
Working conditions
Fluid: treated water.
Minimum operating pressure: 0,7 bar.
Maximum operating pressure: 16 bar.
Recommended working pressure: 6 bar. Higher on request.
Maximum temperature: 70°C.

Linear position transmitter with 4-20 mA output Mod. CSPL.
On-off position transmitter Mod. CSPO.
Pressure measurement kit.
Self-flushing and high capacity filter.

VIT16PRX324 DN80


Main Material
Ductile iron
Nominal pressure
Disc Material
Ductile iron