Equilibrium ball float valve with balancedsingle seat, pn16
  • Equilibrium ball float valve with balancedsingle seat, pn16

Equilibrium ball float valve with balancedsingle seat, pn16

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Diameter inch: 1"
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The ATHENA is an equilibrium, single seat upstream pressure balanced float valve, which
automatically controls the constant level of a tank or reservoir, regardless of upstream pressure variations,
and shuts off when the maximum level is reached. Thanks to its exclusive technology this valve brings the
concept of reliability and performance to the highest standards.
Technical features and benefits
Body in ductile cast iron PN 16.
Cover in brass or stainless steel provided with the self cleaning piston technology driving system.
Mobile block containing the piston and obturator, both in stainless steel.
The lever mechanism is made in zinc-plated or stainless steel and composed of a rod which, thanks to
a system of pivots, puts the main shaft in communication with the float allowing the opening or closing of
the valve.
Designed for angle pattern installation only and to allow flow conveyance through the outlet.
The valves modulates and throttle the inflow proportionally to the consumption, accuracy and perfect
water-tightness is guaranteed also with low pressure values.
Thanks to the upstream pressure balanced seat the movement of the obturator and valve performance
is not affected by upstream pressure fluctuations, transient and unwanted surges are therefore avoided.
Pipe (available on request) Ø 76,1X1,5 mm in stainless steel to convey the flow towards the tank.

Water distribution systems.
Fire protection storage tanks.
Irrigation systems.
Whenever the constant level regulation and control function is required.



Nominal pressure
Main Material
Ductile iron