Combination air valve for high pressure, pn 64
  • Combination air valve for high pressure, pn 64

Combination air valve for high pressure, pn 64

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Diameter: 25
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The automatic air release valve Mod. FOX 3F HP will ensure the proper operation of the pipeline network
allowing the release of air pockets during working conditions, the evacuation and entrance of large
volumes of air during filling and draining operations.
Body in carbon welded steel, PN 64 bar rated, provided with internal spacers for consistent and accurate
guiding of the mobile block.
In general supplied with fixed flanges according to EN 1092/2 or different standards on request.
Mobile block composed of a cylindrical float and upper disk in solid polypropylene, joined together by the
air release system in AISI 316 (patent pending). The solid cylindrical floats, obtained by CNC machining,
avoid deformations and ensure a great sliding precision inside the body processed ribs and a perfectly
vertical thrust.
The nozzle and the gasket holder, part of the air release system, are entirely made in AISI 316 and
designed with gasket compression control to prevent aging process and consequent leakage during
working conditions.
Maintenance can be easily performed from the top, without removing the air valve from the pipe.
Mesh and cap in stainless steel.

Main transmission lines.
Dams and high pressure systems.
In general this model is used on changes in slope descending and at the high points of the pipeline for
those locations exposed to high pressure conditions.



Main Material
Carbon steel